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Honoring research my parents and passion:

My mom who is one of the kindness souls I have had the privilege of knowing became an orphan at age eleven. Her father was killed during the Second World War and her mom died from breast cancer at age thirty one. Having been blessed with a close relationship with mom I can’t imagine losing both parents at young age. This and so many other stories made me want to contribute in whatever way possible to research. Although there certainly has been progress more funds and are desperately needed. Please help in the fight against this devastating illness.

Events for 2016-17
Art Gala at the Atrium: September 30/2017

Delight the Senses || Different Artists, Same Purpose
Saturday, 30 September 2017 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (PDT) Victoria, BC

My Father who passed away on December 25th/2015 was an established artist from Montenegro. Although fluent in seven languages, a published author and a long standing teaching career, art remained his passion. Children and art are the loves we shared most. Few things would make him happier than when I would share with him any success in my painting career. He was not well for a long time and being motivated to make him smile I would happily announce to him even all the small successes like the sales of my limited addition prints. I can’t think of a better way to honor my dad than to take my painting to greater and greater highs and donate a percentage of all sales to the orphanage which has a part of both of our hearts. I am so grateful to live my passion and make a difference in any way in the lives of these amazing children. Thank you for your support. It is much appreciated!

Many people have never heard of Montenegro and it’s one and only orphanage. Montenegro is a small country that emerged from the most recent wars in the Balkans. Over 2000 children have called the orphanage home since its opening in 1946. It currently houses 160 children from infants to teenagers. Pamela Anderson generously donated $10,000 when she visited a few years back but the need continues to outpace funding. In addition to providing a safe place, the orphanage is spearheading the development of important programs like a 24 hours emergency kid help phone line, the only one in the country.

Other urgent needs are the development and implementation of programs for children with developmental disabilities, therapy and counselling for children who have endured severe abuse or neglect, and housing for teens who have aged out of the home (at 18 years of age) and have nowhere to go. They can become easy prey for traffickers and drug dealers. Funds are badly needed to hire qualified staff for those initiatives as well as support day to day operations. Donations can be made directly to the orphanage and any amount is greatly appreciated.




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